About us

George Louvaris is a Greek designer and creator of handmade jewelers. He has been taught by his father Konstantinos Louvaris - which is one of the least Greek creators-jewelers artists with deep knowledge on hand made jewelers- he keeps on the family culture composing the culture technics up to update demands of nowadays.

Since 1989 he has worked next to recognized creators also in Athens and Crete.  Besides, he attends at the three- years Gold & Silver Institution of Athens.

On 1995 he created his first laboratory focus on Greek Jewelers and decorative shapes made of precious material.

Since 1997 he designed and created handmade silver wreaths for weddings and wedding accessories of high cosmetic!

Since then he participates in all reference wedding exhibitions.

The big success of the silver handmade wreaths follows the new, update, first class laboratory and what's more the new improved, up to date exhibition place.

George Louvaris believes in Greek over time value and shows it through his creations. 

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